What proprietary products does Virtus currently offer?

Virtus Financial Group of Companies Inc. has several offerings available through Virtus Capital Management Inc., the Exempt Market Dealer. All Virtus Financial Group offerings are proprietary products. For more information on these products, please refer to their respective Opportunities page.

Ontario Retail/Residential Limited Partnership

The Limited Partnership is a ‘related issuer’ and a ‘connected issuer’ (together a “related and connected issuer”) to the Agent, Virtus Capital Management Inc., under applicable securities legislation. The Promoter owns a controlling interest in the Agent and is its President and Chief Executive Officer as well as being the principal and sole shareholder, director and officer of the General Partner and the Financial Agent. Nona Baglione, a dealing representative of the Agent who acts on behalf of the Agent in connection with the Offering, is the spouse of the Promoter and principal of the General Partner and Financial Agent. See the Offering Memorandum under Item 5.2(c) - Subscription Procedure - Related and Connected Issuer.

Raleigh Management & Leasing Capital Corp.

The Corporation expects that the Bonds will be sold to investors by Virtus Capital Management Inc. (VCMI), an Exempt Market Dealer. VCMI is related to the Corporation as Aurelio Baglione, an officer, director and shareholder of VCMI is also the sole officer and director of the Corporation and is a shareholder of the Corporation. In addition, the spouse of Mr. Baglione, Nona Baglione, a dealing representative of VCMI, may sell some of the Bonds to clients of VCMI.  As a result of the foregoing, VCMI and the Corporation are considered to be “related” and “connected” in accordance with securities laws and as a consequence the relationship between the Corporation and VCMI may lead a reasonable prospective purchaser of Bonds to question the independence of such parties for purposes of the distribution of Bonds under this Offering. VCMI, prior to trading with or advising their clients, shall inform clients of the relevant relationships and connections with the Corporation. See the Offering Memorandum under Item 7 - Compensation Paid to Sellers and Finders - Related & Connected Issuer Matters.

Virtus Real Estate Investment Trust

Some directors and officers of Virtus Capital Management Inc. are also Trustees of Virtus REIT. These persons (as well as other shareholders of Virtus Capital Management Inc.) are also directors, officers and/or shareholders of Virtus Capital Corporation, Virtus Asset Management Inc. and Virtus Real Estate GP Inc. STEVLOC Management Inc., Virtus Capital Corporation and Virtus Asset Management Inc. provide services to and receive fees from Virtus REIT. Virtus Real Estate GP Inc. receives distributions from Virtus Real Estate Limited Partnership. Under applicable securities legislation, Virtus REIT may be considered to be a connected issuer of Virtus Capital Management Inc. See the Offering Memoradum under Item 2.2 – Our Business - Management of Virtus REIT – The Wealth Manager.

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